Systems Test, Integration and Evaluation

Systems Integration, Test and Evaluation

Transpacific Technologies Inc. has broad experience with ground station downlink and uplink subsystems integration and testing.  Transpacific can integrate component, and Space-Ground Link Subsystem (SGLS) communication links (which includes tracking, telemetry, and command) to system level acceptance tests, perform integration and check-out of ground system’s hardware and software prior deployment into operations. Transpacific’s engineers have supported NASA’s deep space missions such as Mars Curiosity, LADEE, MMS, MAVEN, VGR1&2, etc…


Transpacific Technologies Inc. provides expertise in all levels of ground systems integration and test by providing the following:


  • Perform required testing and evaluation of the mission-unique equipment and software
  • Develop and update standardized operation procedures/processes
  • Plan test objectives and schedules to perform initial test and checkout of the spacecraft and ground systems
  • Support spacecraft and ground system anomaly characterization, response, and resolution


Our expertise includes operations and maintenance of downlink test units (such as the telemetry simulation assembly and downlink signal generator) as well as development and integration of ground system integration.


Transpacific Technologies Inc conducts end-to-end test and evaluation of mission-specific connections to internal and external networks. Furthermore, our engineers will support spacecraft and ground system anomaly characterization, response, and resolution.