Mission Operations Support Services

Mission Operations Support Services

Our Aerospace expertise is Transpacific Technologies’ core capability. We attach high importance and responsibility to the operation and maintenance of satellite ground stations’ hardware and software in order to support our nation’s earth orbiting and deep space missions.


Transpacific employee’s will perform various tasks requiring on-demand technical expertise to investigate and execute concept exploration, system engineering support, major anomaly resolution and analysis, unexpected high tempo operations, major ground systems testing and failure investigations and developing concepts for new spacecraft and other space related missions.


Transpacific Technologies has the experience and the expertise to support the following tasks:




Transpacific will Support customer requirements definition and mission design, and participate in and support technical and operational meetings and test activities.


Transpacific will support development of mission-unique ground system components, including:


-Perform required testing and evaluation to obtain information assurance certification and accreditation of the mission-unique equipment and software

-Test and evaluate required mission-specific connections to internal and external networks

-Develop and update standardized operation procedures/processes

-Develop and update mission-specific documentation

-Develop and update anomaly response plans that address safing the spacecraft and notifying agencies of the change in spacecraft status


Transpacific will also plan, manage, execute, and evaluate mission specific exercises, rehearsals, and compatibility tests to demonstrate launch and on-orbit readiness.


Launch and Early Orbit (L&EO)


-Plan test objectives, schedule and execute contacts to perform initial test and checkout of the spacecraft

-Support spacecraft and ground system anomaly characterization, response, and resolution

-Support status meetings with Program Office and other mission partners, including any readiness reviews

-Verify and validate spacecraft operating procedures, and update as required


On-Orbit Operations


-Develop and implement commanding, tracking, and telemetry pre-pass tests as required to support attended and unattended operations.

-Provide evaluation of ground system and network status, troubleshoot problems, participate in resolution activities, and document the problems

-Execute procedures to recover spacecraft or ground system from anomalies.

-Conduct post-pass critiques with tracking stations and other network support centers as required during attended operations

-Perform mission data reduction and data delivery to customers as specified in mission requirements

-Perform trending and analysis of spacecraft telemetry as specified in mission requirements

-Validate data quality in accordance with mission requirements

-Maintain data, lessons learned and historical documentation of operational support provided