Facilities Operation And Maintenance Support


Transpacific’s team provides Quality Control, EH&S, MAXIMO and Logistics services in support of Facilities O&M Contract at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Our company serves as a third party oversight to ensure that the customer’s facilities, which is approximately 3 million SF with more than 200 buildings, meets the EH&S and Quality Control requirements detailed in the customer’s Facilities Maintenance and Operations Technical Description Document (TDD) and CalOSHA rules and regulations.



Our Quality Control (QC) team effectively develops and implements programs, practices, and procedures related to quality assurance. The QC team ensures that the on-site staff, that are involved in operating and maintaining the facility, follow specific and defined procedures to carry out their duties, and the QC team will write corrective action in case of a discrepancy. The QC team also ensures that Quality Management System is followed and all tools used for measurement are correctly documented and calibrated properly.

The following are some of the tasks performed by the QC team:

  • Performs regular physical inspections of grounds, buildings, equipment, and operations
  • Identifies and documents quality conditions
  • Implements and maintains a proactive QC program that incorporates the quality elements of ISO 9001, Six Sigma methodology and total quality management (TQM), and utilizes Maximo to track work orders and corrective action reports
  • Performs root cause analysis to determine actions that are necessary to support problem resolution and continuous improvement programs
  • Plans, directs and oversees personnel who provide oversight and compliance of contract  Quality requirements
  • Reviews deliverables before passing onto customer
  • Effectively applies and enforces Transpacific’s QC methodology and standards
  • Prepares for engagement reviews and quality assurance procedures
  • Develops management briefs on quality, performance metrics, quality issues, and continuous improvement
  • Project management
  • Financial analysis



Our EH&S team effectively implements programs, practices, and procedures to reduce the frequency and severity of accidental loss in the areas of workers’ compensation, general/auto liability, and property. It also ensures customer’s site compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, which are designed to protect the human, financial, and physical assets of the lab. Transpacific’s EH&S team carry out the following tasks:

  • Ensures customer’s compliance with federal, state, and local safety-related regulations, in addition to environmental health, safety, and loss prevention standards and guidelines
  • Conducts investigations and evaluate risk management information to identify significant hazards and loss trends; identify and recommend preventive measures and corrective actions
  • Regulates asbestos, lead, confined space and LOTO programs
  • Performs and manages safety training programs for prime contractor and subcontractor employees
  • Performs regular physical inspections of grounds, buildings, equipment, and operations; identifies hazards and incidents of regulatory noncompliance, and recommends corrective measures
  • Performs audits of maintenance records to assure compliance; provides direction on language required for PM’s and work orders as needed
  • Monitors and manages safety aspects for on-site subcontractors
  • Project management
  • Investigates mishaps, records and manages safety related documents



Transpacific Technologies’ team bring forward tremendous amount of experiences supporting JPL’s Deep Space Network’s (DSN) and Facilities O&M Maximo requirements. Our Maximo support services team provides the following:

  • Maintain and develop Computerized Maintenance Management System
    • Assets table, PM maturation and creation, spare parts list, BOM, estimated durations, Preventative Maintenance Frequencies, etc
  • Provide ongoing training/support to system users within department
  • Prepare and present Maximo reports
  • Support data retrieval for multiple users
  • Maintain preventive maintenance status
  • Support operations with planning of activities
  • Monitor and report trouble status
  • Work with stakeholders to schedule task and review PMs
  • Use Maximo daily to add, track, review and status service requests and work orders
  • Maximo backlog review
  • Support report and data retrieval for other users
  • Project management



Our team also provided logistics support to on-site warehouse by performing the following services:

  • Coordinate and expedite flow of material, parts, and assemblies within departments in accordance with shipping schedules or department supervisors’ priorities
  • Confer with department supervisors to determine and locate required material
  • Requisition material and establish delivery sequences to departments according to job order priorities and anticipated availability of material
  • Arrange for in-site transfer of materials to meet schedules, and arrange with department supervisors for repair and assembly of material and its transportation to various departments
  • Examine material delivered to production departments to verify the specified type
  • Calculate the amount of material needed for specific job orders and compile report of quantity and type of material on hand
  • Move or transport material from one department to another, using hand truck or industrial truck



One of the important services that Transpacific offers is energy efficiency consulting services by upgrading existing light fixtures to LED fixtures to enhance energy usage consumption. Transpacific recognizes the importance of energy efficiency, because it carries economic and environmental importance.

Therefore, in order to improve energy consumption, lower energy costs, and to raise environmental awareness, Transpacific Technologies implemented various LED lighting projects. Transpacific will support 8 and complete LED projects by guiding the project from cradle to grave, and implementing the following services:

  • Project management
  • Market research
  • Site Surveying
  • LED lamps sample testing
  • Retrofitted 204 streetlights and two parking garages with energy efficient LED lights
  • Financial analysis